The User Is Always Right:
A Practical Guide to Creating and Using Personas for the Web

“Drop everything you’re doing and read this book right away. It will change the way you create every product and service, with incredible results.”
– Jared Spool
How do we ensure that our Web sites actually give users what they need? What are the best ways to understand our their goals, behaviors, and attitudes, and then turn that understanding into business results? Personas bring user research to life and make it actionable, ensuring we are making the right decisions based on the right information.

This practical guide explains how to create and use personas to make your site more successful. It takes you through each step of persona creation, including tips for conducting qualitative user research, new ways to apply quantitative research (such as surveys) to persona creation, various methods for generating persona segmentation, and proven techniques for making personas realistic. You will also learn how to use personas effectively, from directing overall business strategy and prioritizing features and content to making detailed decisions about information architecture, content, and design.

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